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Battery Service Center

Battery & Powerpacks

Our battery store, managed by Mr. Stepan, is generously and modernly equipped. For the Nikel Cadmium NI-CAD batteries we use the most modern DC-CA 1000 Charger/Analyzer as well as Digital Battery Filler and Temp Sensor Tester. So, we can charge and discharge up to 8 NICAD at the same time.

We perform capacity tests, major overhauls and professional repairs, according to revised manufacturer's specifications.

For some battery types and power packs we also have rental or exchange components available.

Our NI-CAD Battery Capability includes batteries from Marathon, Saft, Varta, Aspilsan and Aero Design. 

Of course, we also perform maintenance for Lead Acid and Sealed Lead Acid batteries. Here we are authorized for manufacturers such as Concorde, Gill & Teledyne.

Emergency Power Packs for emergency horizons and cabin lighting complete our battery portfolio. We overhaul components of the manufacturers J.E.T / L3, Diehl, Becker, Castleberry, Grimes / Honeywell, Heico, Meggit, Securaplane and Avtec.